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Events - Meetings 2008



  Activities Planned for 2008
    OIE Regional Representation for the Middle East


  Conferences - Meetings 2009
                1-    Avian Influenza international ministerial conference - consolidated OIE approach            
                    October 25-26, 2008, Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)  
                2-   Second Global Conference on Animal Welfare  
                    October 20-22, 2008, Cairo (Egypt)  
                3-   WHO (HQ-EMRO-MZCP)/OIE - Intercountry expert workshop  
                    on Protecting humans from domestic Animals  
                    and wildlife rabies in the Middle East  
                    June 23-25, 2008, Amman (Jordan)  

Meeting on Avian Influenza in the Middle East:

                    preparedness and control - Role of Wild Birds  
                    and Birds of Pray  
                    April 20 - 22, 2008, Kuwait City (Kuwait)  
                5-   Rinderpest regional meeting on official freedom  
                    recognition for the Middle Eastern countries  
                    OIE-FAO RAHC for the MiddleEast  
                    February 26-28, 2008, Amman (Jordan)





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