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22nd edition (2019) OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code

The online version of the 22nd edition (2019) of the Aquatic Animal Health Code is now available and can be accessed from the OIE public web site at:

The 2019 edition includes amendments adopted by the OIE World Assembly during the OIE 87th General Session held in May 2019 as noted in Resolution No. 25.

Amendments were made to the following:

–        Glossary: revised definition for 'basic biosecurity conditions';

–        Chapter 1.5. ’Criteria for listing species as susceptible to infection with a specific pathogen’;

–        Chapter 8.3. ’Infection with Ranavirus’;

–        Chapter 9.1. ’Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease’;

–        Articles 10.2.1. and 10.2.2. of Chapter 10.2. ’Infection with Aphanomyces invadans’;

–        Article 10.5.2. of Chapter 10.5.’ Infection with salmonid alphavirus’;

–        Articles 10.6.1., 10.6.2. and 10.6.8. of Chapter 10.6. ’Infection with infectious haematopoietic necrosis virus’;

–        Article 10.7.2. of Chapter 10.7. ’Infection with koi herpesvirus’;

–        Article 10.9.2. of Chapter 10.9. ’Infection with spring viraemia of carp virus’;

–        Article X.X.8. of  all disease-specific chapters (except for Article 10.3.8. of Chapter 10.3. 'Infection with

 Gyrodactylus salaris' due to the nature of the pathogenic agent) and Article 10.4.12. of Chapter 10.4.

'Infection with infectious salmon anaemia virus'.

Information regarding the amendments are available in the official report of the 87th General Session,

and in the February 2019 meeting report of the Aquatic Animals Commission which is available at:

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