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Beirut, Lebanon, 7-9 November 2017


Provisional program
Final report  
 List of participants


Objectives: 4th Cycle Training Seminar - Dr Mária Szabó
OIE National Focal Points on Veterinary Products and their role in AMR activities - Dr Elisabeth Erlacher –Vindel and Dr Mária Szabó
Veterinary Medicinal Products - Good Governance 
Dr Catherine LAMBERT
The OIE Relevant Standards and Guidelines for Veterinary Medicinal Products - Dr Mária Szabó
VICH general principles and update on Outreach Forum activities; and update of the next upcoming Public Conference - Dr. Catherine LAMBERT

Questions for Discussion on Authorisation Systems in the Region

 Dr Mária Szabó

 Industry perspective and experience of registration / authorization system of drugs and vaccines in the Middle East - Philippe Sabot
Antimicrobial resistance
 Antimicrobial resistance - Arabic version

OIE AMR , One Health concern and Tripartite activities

Dr Mária Szabó

OIE AMR Strategy, One Health concept and Tripartite activities

 Dr Mária Szabó

Antimicrobial resistance and national action plan for prudent use of antimicrobials - Egypt
Antimicrobial resistance - Dr.Shorouq Abdel-Haliem Al-Fawarah/Jordan
Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Control - Mohammed ALArifi/ KSA
Collection of quantitative data on the use of antimicrobial agents in animals: the OIE database -  Dr Mária Szabó
Importace of antiparasitics and lack of effective drugs for parasitic diseases in animal health and production- Dr Christo Hilan
 Quality of Veterinary Medicinal Products - Catherine LAMBERT
 Result of the OIE data collection - Lessons learned and expectations
 Delfy Góchez

Filling the OIE template for the collection of data on antimicrobials used in animals - Working group session

Catherine LAMBERT / Delfy GOCHEZ

The Use of Prohibited Substances in Competition Horses - Dr Ghazi Yehia
The favourite method for use of veterinary medecines - Dr. Mhd. Radwan Abdeen
Illegal veterinary medicines - Dr Philippe Sabot
Achievements and Perspectives: 4th Cycle Training Seminar - Dr Mária Szabó




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