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  Yesterday: 127
  Total: 298354

2nd PPR and 4th FMD Regional roadmap meeting for the Middle East
Amman, Jordan, 15-19 October 2017

PPR General Presentations

 PPR-FMD Cross Border Coordination - Dr. Djahne Montabord/Dr Sylvia Kreidel - PPR Secretariat
 Meeting Objectives - B. Diop/PPR Secretariat
 Resource, Mobilization and Marketing Strategy - Mr. Pablo rubczuk - Strategic and Marketing Group Coordinator
 Update on PPR Monitoring and Assessment Tool) - FAO/OIE PPR Secretariat
 PPR Global Eradication Programme Overview - Dr. JJ Soula/ FAO/OIE PPR Secretariat
 PPR National Strategic Plan - Dr. JJ Soula/ FAO/OIE PPR Secretariat
 Other Priority Diseases - Dr. JJ Soula/ Regional Advisory Group

FMD Presentations







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