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The Director General of the OIE presents her New Year’s greetings to the press

 Paris, 12 January 2017

- OIE Strategy to tackle the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance
  (AMR) in animals

Paris, 17 November 2016


- Towards better surveillance of antibiotic use

in animal health

Paris, 8 October 2016





 -  OIE and FAO present initial battle plan in global campaign to eradicate Peste des petits ruminants

Paris/Rome, 28 October 2016  

- Towards better surveillance of antibiotic use

 in animal health

Paris, 8 October 2015



- Controlling animal diseases to preserve our future


Tuesday, October 4, 2016




- The OIE rabies vaccine Bank: A catalyst for rabies elimination strategies

Paris, 28 September 2016

- Educate, vaccinate, eliminate: Achieving zero human deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030

Paris, 28 September 2016





- At UN, global leaders commit to act on antimicrobial resistance

Collective effort to address a challenge to health, food security and development

New York, 21 September 2016



- Deepening the understanding of the economics of animal health to optimise the management of disease threat

Paris, 23 May 2016


-  New initiative of the OIE to control stray dog population

Paris, 13 May 2016


- Continued spread of PPR

Paris, 29 April 2016






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