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Animal Welfare

n Middle East Animal Welfare Action Plan1 (2016 2019)
n Focal points list for Animal Welfare in the Middle East


Middle East regional animal welfare strategy (2014-2019)

as endorsed by the OIE Regional Commission for the Middle East at the OIE 82 General Session, May 2014


Animal welfare OIE standards (Terrestrial animal health code - Section 7)

n Animal welfare at a glamce
n Animal welfare fact sheets

Regional Animal Welfare Strategy In The Middle East

for OIE Focal points Seminar

Amman Jordan, 17-19 March 2014

n Seminar for OIE National Focal Points

for Animal Welfare - Beirut (Lebanon), 4-6 December 2012

n Training OIE Focal Points on Animal Welfare
Beirut - Lebanon, 23 - 25 November 2010

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