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OIE Focal points Seminar
Amman Jordan 17-18 March 2014


Animal Welfare Seminar Final Report

Regional Strategic Plan on Animal Handling and Transport Arrangements for the Middle East

Animal Welfare Seminar Final Report - Arabic version
List of participants

Presentations Sunday - Monday - Tuesdy

Dr. Samir Ismael   Jabr

Animal transport - Egypt
  Animal welfare - United Arab Emirates

Dr. Mouaffak El Khasaounah

Animal unload

Dr.Abdel Raouf El Ajloun

Cattle restraint and stunning

Dr. Izzat Mohamed Zakaria

 Improved Animal Welfare Program (IAWP)

Dr. Mahdi Akrabawi

Animal welfare and quality of meat
Dr. Heba Mohamed Fahim Handling  principles
Dr. Hussein Zayoud Slaughterhouse Pens: design and sheltering
Dr. Mahmoud Hanatlah Animal behaviour
Dr. Mohamed Ismael Mohamed Restraint non stunning cattle and sheep
Dr. A. Raouf Mahmoud Ajlouni Sheep stunning
ABC Program Stray dog control in Jordan
Prof. Hassan Aidaros Lessons learned
Dr. Mahmoud Alhanatleh Animal behavior
Dr. Mohamed A. El Abboud Animal welfare (Syria)
Dr. Nadia Shokry Animal welfare (Egypt) 1
Dr. Nadia Shokry Animal welfare (Egypt) 2

MVDr. Rastislav Kolesar

OIE A.W standards- broiler chicken production systems
MVDr. Rastislav Kolesar Improved animal welfare program

MVDr. Rastislav Kolesar

OIE Animal welfare standards recent developments
Dr. Ussamah Ben A. Essaleh Animal Welfare
Animal quarantine of KSA Animal welfare law in GCC countries
Dr. Mahmoud Alhanatleh Animal welfare in Jordan
Dr. Sami Abdallah Nassar Animal welfare in Yemen
Dr. Asma Kamili Elevage du poulet de chair au Maroc
Dr. Ussamah Ben A. Essaleh Animal Welfare: Aquatic animal quaratine in KSA
Dr. Sirius Hajj Ahmad Animal welfare in Lebanon

Prof .H. Aidaros  -Dr G. Yehia

Middle East Regional Strategy on Animal Welfare Arrangement

Dr. Asma Kamili Morocco: Country report on Animal Welfare regulations

Dr Leopoldo Stuardo

General Presentation of the OIE Structure,

objectives and Strategic Plan

Dr. Vincent Brioudes

Animal Welfare Strategy in North Africa- pdf

Dr. Vincent Brioudes Animal Welfare Strategy in North Africa- ppt
  Animal welfare standards 1
  Animal welfare standards 2
Dr Leopoldo Stuardo

Role of the Animal Welfare Working Group and

Responsibilities of OIE’s National Focal Points

Dr. Faysal Hamani Animal Welfare in Tunisian Regulations
Dr Joe Anzuino Work of NGOs in support of the OIE AW standards
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