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Events - Meetings 2013




Inter-Regional Seminar for OIE National

 Focal Points for Veterinary Products

3rd Cycle - Algiers, Algeria - 1-3 October 2013


Evaluation sheets  n Click here

Presentations' evaluation (in French)  n Click here

Questions about the Seminar   n Click here

Questions about the Seminar  (in French)  n Click here


Algiers - Algeria


Seminar for OIE Focal Points for Aquatic animals

Byblos, Lebanon, 12-14 August 2013

Objectives: The seminar aimed at providing participants

with knowledge on the rights, commitments and responsibilities

of the OIE focal points , in the standard setting process and compliance with the OIE standards

for Aquatic Animals    For details  n Click here



Byblos - Lebanon

۩ Sub regional workshop on Lumpy Skin Disease 
    and other vector borne diseases

     28th February 2013-Larnaca, Cyprus

The main objectives of the meeting were as follows:

- Exchange of information on Lumpy Skin 
  Diseases (LSD)  and other Vector borne 


 - Assessment of disease situation, epidemiology 
   in participant countries

 - Control measures used, vaccines and
   vaccination monitoring,

- Insect control.

For the Final Report  n Click here

For the Summary Report  n Click here

Larnaca - Cyprus

۩  Seminar on FMD Progressive Control Pathway
    in the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries

    and Yemen,  Dubai, 8 April 2013


The Global FMD Control Strategy
and the recommendations of the FMD

Bangkok Conference - Joseph Domenech  n Read more

n Yemen summarized by Dr. Yaser Aleryani   n Read more
n Country Report of Kingdom of Bahrain
Dr.Ebrahim Yusuf Ahmed 
n Read more
n Country Report on FMD
State of Kuwait - Dr. Abdullah Alsumait 
n Read more

FMD vaccination and vaccines

Ahmad Al-Majali - Jordan  n Read more



Report on FMD/PCP

Qatar - Dr.Kassem El-Qahtani  n Read more


Dubai (UAE)















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