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Regional Representation

for the Middle East

Beirut - Lebanon

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Training OIE Focal Points on Animal Welfare

ورشة تدريب ضباط الاتصال في موضوع الرفق بالحيوان

Beirut - Lebanon بيروت - لبنان

23 - 25 November 2010 23-25 نوفمبر 2010

Day 1 Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Dr. Ghazi Yehia General Presentation on OIE
Dr. Pierre Primot Good governance and the evaluation of Veterinary Services
(OIE-PVS tool / PVS gap analysis)
Dr. Hassan Aidaros Activities of the OIE working group on Animal Welfare
Dr. Hassan Aidaros Terms of Reference - Animal Welfare
Sheik. Amin Kurdi Halal slaughtering
Dr. Mariela Varas International trade: Rights and obligations of OIE Members
Dr. Mariela Varas

The OIE Animal Welfare Standards

img1 Day 2 Wednesday, 24 November 2010
Dr. Mariela Varas OIE Regional AW Strategies - example of the RAWS for Asia, the Far East and Oceania (AFEO)
Dr. Saeb Al Sukhon Animal Welfare in veterinary schools in the Middle East
Dr. David Wilkins Work  of Non-Governmental Organisations in support of the implementation of the OIE Animal Welfare Standards
Dr. Ghazi Yehia Work of the OIE Regional Representation for the Middle East - Regional Animal Welfare strategies
Dr. Pierre Primot Proposal for a regional Focal Point networking (presented in day 1)
Animals Lebanon Implementation  of the OIE standards in the countries of the Region - Practical Experience –  Animal Welfare legislation model
UAE Implementation of the OIE standards in the countries of the Region - Practical Experience – Transport of animals
Dr. Hassan Aidaros Implementation of the OIE standards in the countries of the Region: Practical Experience – Stray Dog Population Control Measures in the Middle East
Dr. Jean Paul Girot Animal Welfare – Equestrian code of conduct
Dr. Pierre Primot Analysis of questionnaire answers

OIE - ME 2010

Day 3 Wednesday, 29 September 2009
Dr. Mariela Varas Working Group Session: How to develop and implement a Regional Strategy

Training Report (English)

 ملخص عن التقرير

List of Participants

Focal Points Terms of References مهام ضباط الاتصال

OIE Scientific and Technical Review: Animal Welfare: global issues, trends and challenges

The OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code - Section 7 - Animal Welfare القانون الصحي لحيوانات اليابسة: الباب السابع الخاص بالرفق بالحيوان

The OIE PVS آلية تقييم المصالح البيطرية

OIE working group on Animal Welfare الفريق العامل في موضوع الرفق بالحيوان

OIE Focal points on Animal Welfare regional pages

Raws Implementation plan

Questionnaire Analysis - Middle East Region

Access to Animal Welfare Focal Points page (OIEME Website)   صفحة جميع ضباط الاتصال مع صفحة الرفق بالحيوان على الموقع بالعربية

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