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OIE Seminar on Communication for Veterinary Services
Muscat (Sultanate of Oman)

20-22 April 2010

·         Meeting  report                                                                                                       

·         Abstracts and presentations




Session 1: Critical Thinking

The importance of communication for Veterinary Services worldwide
Mrs Maria Zampaglione, Head, OIE Communication

Communication activities of the OIE Regional Representation for the Middle East

Dr Ghazi Yehia, OIE Regional Representative for the Middle East

Results of a questionnaire survey on communication of Veterinary Services conducted in the participating countries

Dr Pierre Primot, OIE RR Middle East, Lebanon

Extension activities with regard to veterinary services in the Middle East Region, directly or indirectly implemented by the FAO
Dr G. Khoury FAO/RAHC for the Middle East 

The communication experience of Oman on the new pandemic H1N1

Dr Idris Al-Abaidani, Ministry of Health, Oman

Session 2: Country perspectives

A practical experience: Kuwait facing the AI outbreaks in falcons in 2007

M. Abdulaziz Ghuloum, PAAF Kuwait

FMD in Iran: which communication strategy?

Dr Vahid Otarod, IVO Iran

Yemen experience during Rift Valley Fever

Dr Mansoor Al Qadasi, CVO Yemen

Session 3: Media and stakeholders perspectives

A Media Perspective: Bloomberg News Agency
Mr. Jason Gale

Tackling plummeting sales of poultry and addressing consumers concerns during the AI crisis

M. Musa Freiji, Tanmia

Valuable assets of a corporate identity

General Samy Nagm El Din, Oman Equestrian Federation, representing FEI and Dr Ghazi Yehia

Session 4: Communication capacities of the Veterinary Services in the region

Qatar – Dr Mahmoud Hamdy

Jordan – Dr Asma Al-Sadouni

UAE – Ms Sumaia Al Rais

Session 5: Policy advocacy and political commitments

Policy advocacy and gaining political support: best practices in Oman

Dr Ali Abdullah Al Sahmi, OIE Delegate of Oman,

Policy advocacy and gaining political support: best practices in Turkey

Dr Alp Arkaç, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Turkey

Policy advocacy and gaining political support: best practices in Syria.

Dr Ziad Namour, Director, Animal Health Services - Animal Health Directorate

Dr Mohammed Abdullah, Director of Extension

Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Syria











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