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Workshop for OIE National Focal Points for Food Safety

2-4 February 2010 , Kuwait City





Workshop Report                                                                                                                             



General presentations

Rights and obligations of OIE Members with regard to international trade and trade disputes

Dr. Wim Pelgrim - Chargé de Mission


Good governance, PVS evaluation of Veterinary Services and Gap Analysis

Dr. Pierre  Primot - OIE Regional Representation for the Middle East


The Role of the Veterinary Services in Food Safety

Dr. Stuart A. Slorach


Work of the OIE Regional Commissions in terms of Animal Production Food Safety

Dr. Ghazi Yehia - OIE Regional Representative



Countries presentations


Country Report of Food in Kingdom of Bahrain

OIE Focal Point -Dr. Fajer AlSalloom


Veterinary Services of Cyprus - Animal Producton Food Safety

Dr. Ramon Papadopoulos


OIE and Jordan Food Safety

Dr. Zuhair Shurman


Food Safety System In Saudi Arabia (KSA) with emphasis on foods of origin

Dr. Ibrahim S. Al-Mohizea


Food Safety in Kuwait

Dr. Maha Al-Batal


Animal Production Food Safety Situation in Lebanon

Dr. Ave El Khoury


Food Safety System - Sultanate Of  Oman

Dr. Yousef S. Alwahaibi

Food Safety and Focal Point - Syria


Yemen Report For Food Safety

Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hayal




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