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Next steps to combat global health threat MERS-CoV

Critical next steps to accelerate the

response to the global public health

threat posed by Middle-East

respiratory syndrome coronavirus

(MERS-CoV) have been ... 


On the way to eradicate PPR by 2030  
Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is a contagious transboundary disease which has severe negative socio-economic impacts on the income of livestock farmers ...
Recent outbreaks in the Middle East
18/02/2018 H.P.Avian Influenza,Iraq, (Follow up report No 5)

13/02/2018 H.P.Avian Influenza, Saudi Arabia

(Follow up report No 3)

05/02/2018 H.P.Avian Influenza, (Infection with A viruses, non poultry including wild birds), Iran (Immediate notification)

04/02/2018 FMD, Palestinian. Auton. Territories,

(Follow-up report No. 2)

20/01/2018 H.P.Avian Influenza, (Infection with A viruses, non poultry including wild birds), Afghanistan (Follow-up report No.1)
All notifications in member countries

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is launching a new global campaign to combat antimicrobial resistance ...

 OIE Situation Report for Avian Influenza

This report presents an overview of current disease events reported to the OIE by its Members. The objective is to describe what is happening currently, explain what we are seeing, and consider what might happen next. The epidemiology of avian influenza is complex...



Developing international standards   in the field of animal health and welfare:

a mission at the core of the OIE’s mandate.

Bulletins online

ISSN 1684-3770



Agriculture Ministers support OIE commitment to shape the future of livestock

Last Saturday, the 69 Ministers’ delegations participating in the 10th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture over a document...



Global events 2017

2nd OIE Global Conference on Biothreat Reduction

31 October - 2 November 2017, Ottawa (Canada)

 Regional and Interregional Events 2017

14th Conference of the OIE Regional

   Commission for the Middle East

      2-6 October 2017-  Istanbul, Turkey


GF-TADs 2nd Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) and

4th Foot and mouth disease(FMD) Regional

Roadmap Meeting for the Middleeast Countries

15-19 October 2017, Amman (Jordan)

Seminar for Focal Points on Veterinary

Medicinal Products

07-09 November 2017, Beirut (Lebanon)


CAMENET meeting in collaboration with


12-15 November 2017, Abou Dhabi (UAE)

More info

15th JPC of REMESA

 20-22 November 2017, Dead Sea(Jordan)

Other Important Events

OIE ‘Training of Trainers’ Regional Workshop

 on animal welfare during long transport by land and by sea
27 November 2017, Amman (Jordan)













Five OIE Regional Representations Worldwide






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