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This is an on-line training

platform designed to train Focal Points for Animal Disease Notification to the OIE or any

 other person involved in the notification process...


OIE Global Animal Welfare Strategy  

The first OIE global strategy

on animal welfare was

adopted today by the 180 Member Countries of the Organisation.

Built on experiences and ...

Recent outbreaks in the Middle East
08/06/2017 Rabies, Egypt,

(Immediate notification)

22/05/2017 H. P. Avian Influenza, Egypt,

(Follow up report No 4)

22/05/2017 Sheep and goat pox, Egypt,

(Immediate notification)

21/05/2017 L. P. Avian Influenza, Poultry, Libya

(Immediate notification)

16/05/2017   Foot and Mouth Disease, Palestin.Aut.Territ. (Immediate notification)

01/05/2017  H. P. Avian Influenza, Iran,

(Follow up report No 6)

All notifications in member countries

Disease Surveillance: Key for OIE official

"Disease Status"

The OIE, under its mandate of improving animal health and welfare worldwide, officially recognises
disease-free areas of countries for disease control and trade purposes. The procedure for .......


 Strengthening veterinary services - Support to OIE members




The OIE’s founding mandate has evolved and has been adapted to Members’ needs, it now includes   the following specific missions...

Alarm as a lethal plague kills endangered Mongolian antelope. The international pledge to     eradicate a devastating livestock disease affecting mostly sheep and ...


Developing international standards   in the field of animal health and welfare:

a mission at the core of the OIE’s mandate.

Bulletins online

ISSN 1684-3770



Global events 2017

PVS Think Thank forum

4-6 April 2017,Paris (France)

Seminar for the New Appointed Delegates

20 May 2017, Paris (France)

85th OIE Gneral Session

21-26 May 2017, Paris (France)

WAHIS Basic Global Training

28-31 August 2017,Paris (France)

Second Global Conference on Biothreat Reduction

31 October - 2 November 2017, Ottawa (Canada)

WHO/FAO/OIE global seminar on MERS CoV  

26-28 September 2017 Cairo-Egypt


 Regional and Interregional Events 2017



Election of a new Bureau - May 22, 2017


OIE- Interpol Interregional

TableTop Exercise Meeting

9-13 July 2017, Tunis (Tunisia)

GF-TAD's Regional Seminar

on FMD/PPR Pathways

15-17 Oct. 2017 (PPR), 17-19 Oct.2017 (FMD)

 Amman (Jordan)

 Interregional Seminar onTransport

of Animals from Europe to the Middle East

September 2017 (TBC) Dubai (UAE)

14th Conference of the OIE Regional

Commission for the Middle East

2-5 October 2017, Istanbul (Turkey)

Seminar for Focal Points on Veterinary

Medicinal Products

07-09 November 2017, Beirut (Lebanon)


Other Important Events


14th Joint Permanent Committee of REMESA

19-20 July 2017, Naples (Italy)

world Rabies Day

28 September 2017

FEI General Assembly

18-21 November  2017, Montevideo (Uruguay)


OIE Biological Threat Reduction Strategy

Strengthening Global Biological Security

(October 2015)



Preparatory meeting for the Steering Committee of Camel Middle East Network (CaMeNet)

 March 16th 2017, UAE

Discover the winners the OIE 2017

Photo Competition

Closure of the 85th OIE General Session

 Overview of the resolutions

 (21 to 26 May 2017)









Five OIE Regional Representations Worldwide




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