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Ebola virus disease: Emerging zoonotic disease

Ebola virus disease (EVD) is also known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever and is considered to be an emerging zoonotic disease. EVD is a severe contagious disease affecting humans and non-human primates. It can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with tissue, blood, other body fluids, and excretions from an infected human or animal...
OIE / WTO International Standards

in the current trend of globalisation, animal health measures have increasing importance to facilitate safe international trade of animals and animal products while avoiding unnecessary impediments to trade. In light of this, the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement) encourages the members of the World Trade...

Recent outbreaks in the Middle East
13/05/2019  Foot and mouth disease, Lybia, (Immediate notification)
17/04/2019  Peste des petits ruminants, Lybia (Immediate notification)
02/04/2019  Foot and mouth disease, Palestinian Auton. Territories, (Immediate notification)
02/04/2019  MERS-CoV, Saudi Arabia,  (Immediate notification)
25/03/2019  Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, Iran, (Follow-up report No. 8)
All notifications in member countries


 We need you to handle Antimicrobials with care

The OIE kicks off World Antibiotics Awareness Week 2018 with a call to action for all animal health stakeholders: “We all have a role to play to protect these invaluable medicines”. To support these efforts, the OIE has developed the WE YOUR communication campaign to help stakeholders......

OIE Situation Report for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

This report presents an overview of current disease events reported to the OIE by its Members. The objective is to describe what is happening currently, explain what we are seeing, and consider what might happen next. The epidemiology of avian influenza is complex...

 A new WAHIS+ project to be completed in 2019


The OIE is redesigning and upgra- ding WAHIS to a technologically advanced yet user-friendly form with many previously unavai- lable features. We call this new platform  WAHIS+. The core of the system

will be completed in 2019,and will continue to evolve...

Agriculture Ministers support OIEcommitment to shapethe future of livestock production.    


Last Saturday, the 69 Ministers’ delegations participating in the 10th Global Forum for Food and Agricul-  ture handed over a document with calls for action to the Directors general of the OIE and FAO in order to shape the future of a more ...

OIE Consultation on Sustainable Laboratories  

Global events 2019     

OIE Global Conference on Aquatic

Animal Health

Santiago- Chile

 02-04 April 2019

87th OIE General Session


26-31 May 2019

 Regional Events 2019

















 3ToT Workshops on Animal Welfare Trasport

Part 2, Muscat,Oman

25-28 February, 25-28 March, 01-02 May 2019



OIE - IHSC Workshop in Support of Temporary

International Movements of Competition Horses

Rabat - Morocco

24 April 2019


Seminar fornew appointed delegates


May 25, 2019


Regional Training Seminar on OIE Standards

 and Procedure to Facilitate Internationl Movements

 of (Competition Horses), (AHS) official free status, (EDFZ), and the (HHP) Framework

Beirut-Lebanon, 13-15 June 2019


18 JPC REMESA Meeting

Cairo, Egypt

26-27 June 2019


Animal Welfare long journey part 1

Abu Dhabi 1-3 Septembre 2019


 Regional Seminar for OIE Focal point on WAHIS

           Beirut Lebanon

September  2019


Regional Seminar for FMD/PPR PCP progress

Riyad KSA

6-9 October 2019


15th Conference of the OIE Regional Commission

in the Middle East,

Dubai/Abu Dhabi, UAE

4-7 November, 2019


19 JPC REMESA Meeting

Nicosia, Cyprus

November  26-27, 2019


Regional Seminar for OIE Focal point on

Aquatic Animal Health

Jedda, Saudi Arabia

December 2019










 Five OIE Regional Representations Worldwide


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