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A new OIE and OECD collaboration

 to face animal health and welfare future challenges

Dr Monique ÉLOIT, Director General of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), and Ms Mari KIVINIEMI, Deputy Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic...  

The OIE introduces its new ‘One health’ web portal A large amount of information on the ‘One Health’ concept can be found on this platform[Online version]

Recent outbreaks in the Middle East
14/10/2016 n Bluetongue, Cyprus
(follow up report No 7)

12/10/2016 n  H.p.avian influenza, Iraq

Follow up report No 2 (Final report)

12/10/2016 n MERS CoV, Saudi Arabia

(follow up report No 3)

03/10/2016  n Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis,

Palestinian Territories (Final report)

01/10/2016 n MERS CoV, Jordan
(follow up report No 2)

20/09/2016  n Lumpy skin disease, Saudi Arabia

(Follow up report No 1)

All notifications in all member countries


Rinderpest Portal - Global freedom from Rinderpest

The world was officially declared free from rinderpest in 2011 in the course of the 79th OIE General Session. With the infection eradicated both from livestock and wildlife, the OIE moves on to a post-eradication era with new challenges lying ahead ...


Strengthening veterinary services - Support to OIE members

The OIE’s founding mandate has evolved and has been adapted to Members’ needs, it now includes the following specific missions:to ensure transparency in the global animal disease situation etc.




The OIE and the CIC reinforce their collaboration on animal

health at the wildlife-livestock-human interface


World events 2016

FEI General Assembly

19-22 November (Tokyo, Japan)

Global conference on Animal Welfare

6-8 December (Guadalajara, Mexico)


 Regional Events 2016

Interregional Seminar for National

focal points on advanced WAHIS

(M.E +  Eng. Africa)

1-3 Nov. 2016 (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

13th REMESA joint Permanent

 Committee Meeting

3-4 November 2016, Byblos sur mer hotel,

 Jbeil (Lebanon)

Interregional Seminar for National

focal points on Wildlife With Eng. Africa

22-24 November (Nakuru, Kenya)

Regional seminar for focal points on


13-15 December 2016 (Amman, Jordan)

1- Opening of the 84th OIE General Session

2-Closure of the 84th OIE General Session

3- Final report

OIE Biological Threat Reduction Strategy

Strengthening Global Biological Security


 OIE actions on pandemic

 H1N1 2009 in animals


Codes and Manuals









Five OIE Regional Representations Worldwide




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