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Next steps to combat global health threat MERS-CoV


Critical next steps to accelerate the

response to the global public health

threat posed by Middle-East

respiratory syndrome coronavirus

(MERS-CoV) have been ... 


OFFLU Annual Report 2017  

 In 2017, avian influenza (AI) outbreaks continued to threaten both animal health and public health worldwide. More than 60 countries of the Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern and American Regions ...

Recent outbreaks in the Middle East

16/03/2018  New Castle disease, Cyprus,

 Immediate notification (Final report)

13/03/2018  Rabies, Lebanon, Immediate notification
13/03/2018  H.P.Avian Influenza, (Infection with A viruses, non poultry including wild birds), Iran (Follow up report N0.1)

11/03/2018  H.P.Avian Influenza, Iraq,

 (Follow up report No 8) resolved

07/03/2018  Lumpy skin disease, Saudi Arabia

(Follow up report No 3) Final report - Case

All notifications in member countries

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is launching a new global campaign to combat antimicrobial resistance ...

 OIE Situation Report for Avian Influenza

This report presents an overview of current disease events reported to the OIE by its Members. The objective is to describe what is happening currently, explain what we are seeing, and consider what might happen next. The epidemiology of avian influenza is complex...


 A new WAHIS+ project to be completed in 2019
  The OIE is redesigning and upgrading WAHIS to a technologically advanced yet user-friendly form with many previously unavailable features. We call this new platform WAHIS+. The core of the system will be completed in 2019,and will continue to evolve...

Agriculture Ministers support OIE commitment to shape the future of livestock

Last Saturday, the 69 Ministers’ delegations participating in the 10th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture over a document...




Global events 2018     

Forum on Animal welfare

 Paris France

28-29 March 2018

Seminar for new appointed OIE delegates.

 Paris France

19 May 2018


OIE 86 General Session

Paris France

 20- 25 May 2018


2nd Global conference on AMR

 Marakech Morocco

29-31 October 2018

5- FEI General Assembly. Manama Bahrain

16-20 November 2018


Regional Events 2018


ToT on Animal Welfare, Transportation

by land and by sea

session 2  Amman- Jordan

19-22 February 2018


Seminar of focal points on Communications

Cairo Egypt

16-18 April 2018


ToT on Animal Welfare, Transportation

 by land and by sea

session 3  Cairo Egypt

20-21 March 2018 



Regional seminar on advances in PPR surveillance

Riyadh KSA

September 2018


Seminar of focal points on Aquatic

animal diseases: Djeddah Saudi Arabia

October 2018


 Interregional meetings 2018


REMESA 16 JPC meeting

Casablanca Morocco

18-19 April 2018

  West Eurasia FMD meeting

Iran May 2018 TBC


Whole Journey Scenario on transportation

by land and by sea jointly with Eastern Europe

 and Latin America countries 

Aqaba Jordan October 2018



REMESA 17 JPC meeting


November 2018


  OIE/FEI Equine disease status and endorsed control program recognition

 jointly with North Africa countries Marakech Morocco December 2018



 Inter regional Seminar on Zoonotic diseases. Jointly with East Europe office.

Istanbul/Baku TBC










Five OIE Regional Representations Worldwide






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