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WHO, OIE, FAO and GARC call to invest in defeating human rabies.

Leading organizations  urging countries to develop approprite investment strategies ...


  Dog vaccination
New global frame to eliminate rabies




Recent outbreaks in the Middle East

28/05/2016 n FMD, Iran

15/05/2016 n FMD, Kuwait

05/05/2016 n Bluetongue, Cyprus

04/05/2016  n H.p.avian influenza, Iraq

23/04/2016  n H.p.avian influenza,Lebanon 

04/02/2016 n FMD, Kuwait

All notifications in other member countries


Editorial by the OIE Directer general

The OIE’s Sixth Strategic Plan (2016-2020) [Online version]

Congratulations addressed to the new OIE Director General Dr. Monique Eloit by members of the Regional Commission for the Middle East


"One Health" concept

 In recent years, the concept of ‘One Health’ has gained wide acceptance in the scientific community as well as the attention of the development community...



The OIE and the CIC reinforce their collaboration on animal

health at the wildlife-livestock-human interface


Middle East Animal Welfare Action Plan

 (2016 - 2019)

World Events 2016

FEI Genera Assembly,

19-22 November 2017 (Tokyo, Japan)

Global conference on Animal Welfare

6- 8 December (Guadalahara, Mexico)

Regional events 2016

FMD cosultative meeting + GF TADs Steering committee

02- 04 October (Cairo, Egypt)

Disease Status and endorsed control

 programme recognition Training

05-06 October 2016 (Cairo, Egypt)

WAHIS Avanced Regional updating seminar M.E with AFRICA EN

01-03 November 2016 (Sharm El sheikh, Egypt)

REMESA 13th Steering Committee meeting

07-09 November 2016 (Beirut, Lebanon)

Interregional Seminar Focal Points for wildlife

22-24 November 2016 (Nakuru, Kenya)

Focal Point Seminar on Laboratories

27-29 September (Kaslik, Lebanon) TBC


1- Opening of the 84th OIE General Session

2- Closure of the 84th OIE General Session

3- Meeting Camel Middle East Network

4- Meeting OIE Cooperation with Jordan

5 - Final report


- OIE actions on pandemic

 H1N1 2009 in animals











Five OIE Regional Representations worldwide







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